San Antonio Transit Authority - VIA


Nexus Alpha LPS won a tendered opportunity in the US to supply signs to present bus arrival information on the new San Antonio Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route.  Our client was VIA, the San Antonio Transit Authority which manages the city-wide transportation system.

Signs at BRT Stops

As well as providing LED signs, Nexus Alpha LPS provided the central server software which queries the real time system and which generates the data for each of the signs.  The software is installed on VIA infrastructure and is remotely supported from the UK.


NALPS also supplied some 9-line LED signs for the original transport interchange.  A further order for additional 9-line LED signs at a new transport interchange was subsequently received.

HELIOS LCD On Board Display

Nexus Alpha LPS was the successful bidder in a further tender for the supply of on-bus displays.  This involved making enhancements to the HELIOS Stretch Displays to make them suitable for use on-bus, resulting in a new product being developed - HELIOS LCD On Board.  Nexus Alpha LPS also arranged and managed the installation and commissioning of the first unit, providing VIA with a proven methodology for the fitment of a further fifteen buses.

Each installation includes two HELIOS LCD On Board displays and a Nexus Alpha LPS Computer Controller which also supports a second output, in a different display format, to an optional third screen.


As with all of our HELIOS LCD systems, the displays feature real time arrival/departure information as well as image reels and full video.  Our Display Administration Suite (DAS) also captures RSS feeds, giving the option to present local news.

The On Board systems cache the video show reels locally, with WiFi and 3G/4G connectivity being used optimally to update the real time information.  Movement data from the VIA bus tracking system is filtered by the Nexus Alpha LPS NSG server to show key stop information only (there are over 100 stops on the complete route).  Nexus Alpha LPS engineers additionally verified the accuracy of the supplied real time information and checked the message update frequency by riding the bus.


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