Norfolk County Council


Nexus Alpha LPS secured a framework contract for sign supply with Norfolk County Council in November 2013.

The award was split into two lots, with Nexus Alpha LPS securing both lots - both powered, and solar signage.  The sign supply contract was decoupled from the provision of the real time system.  Norfolk has always adopted this approach which allows companies with specialist capabilities to supply different elements of a complete system, ensuring choice, best value and allowing for continual innovation.

Connectivity and Content

With the exception of Norwich Bus Station, all systems are equipped with 3G/4G modems, eliminating the cost of installing any fixed line communications.  Where power is an issue, solar systems are provided, eliminating the additional cost of running power cabling.

Information is managed and distributed to the system via our Gateway Server (NSG) with raw real time bus departure data from the central Norfolk system being combined with content sourced via our Display Administration Suite (DAS).

The design layout of the real time information was carried out jointly with Norfolk County Council, Nexus Alpha LPS bringing in a design agency to present options based on street surveys carried by the Council.

HELIOS Displays

The first systems commissioned were HELIOS Stretch displays, allowing for the presentation of bus real time departure information.  These systems support auto-brightness control, full audio, video playback, images and show reels, and include key fob activated audio, making them fully Equalities Act Compliant.  Video playback takes place on the display, with the real time information being repositioned so those using the systems can always view the next departures.


HELIOS Displays feature sophisticated thermal management including integrated cooling with air filtering and include our own in-house designed system management electronics.  The computer within the unit can supports multiple screen outputs.


Systems have been installed at Bus Stations and within Bus Shelters.  Extensive remote monitoring of the systems is fully supported. Pictures above shows the systems when first deployed, during verification of the real time data feeds.

Multiple systems under test are shown below:



As well as the ultra-widescreen HELIOS Stretch 29 unit, Nexus Alpha LPS are also supplying larger portrait format HELIOS displays.

HELIOS 65 External

Different areas of the screen can be defined to show different content.  There is also password protection via the Display Administration Suite (DAS) to ensure that only those with authorisation for the individual sections can update them.

The DAS software allows the user to specify how and when items will be shown and will automatically re-scale videos and graphics to suit the target display sizes and configurations.

CHRONOS Solar Displays

NALPS also specialises in the supply of a range of solar powered displays.  Our CHRONOS displays require as little as 2 Watts of power, and remain permanently connected to the NSG via 3G/4G connection.  Full system monitoring is supported including analysis of the solar demand, battery levels and system status.


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