CHRONOS Solar Powered Real Time Flag Display

Nexus Alpha Low Power Systems Displays

As well as in-shelter displays, Nexus Alpha Low Power Systems (Nexus Alpha LPS) offers a flag option with an associated ATLAS column and solar panel mounting system. The strength of the column allows solar panels, to be mounted on the same structure as the flag with the backup batteries concealed in the post, thus creating a single elegant, vandal resistant structure which incurs minimal installation costs. Mains power may be used where available or where solar is not viable, the system typically using only around 5% of the power of conventional signs.

Always On

Nexus Alpha LPS signs use specially developed hardware (display and management electronics) which enables them to be fully operational 24/7, all year round whether mains/grid powered or using power generated from solar. There is no waiting for a system to wake up from “sleep mode”, the data is always up to date and the display always on.

NALPS CHRONOS Bus Flag (Centro) 001pm

DDA compliance

In common with all other Nexus Alpha LPS hardware, the signs are not only visually DDA compliant, they include audio hardware and software which can be triggered via the RNIB’s React™ key fobs.

Remote Monitoring

All Nexus Alpha LPS signs are permanently connected over mobile data links for monitoring and management. Automatic alerts about issues can be generated, and a web site allows the performance of the system to be viewed in real-time (including solar panel performance, display content and the battery level.)


Core Elements

Along with the Nexus Alpha LPS low power HERMES Lite computer and associated low power electronics, the other two key elements are the display, and where solar powered, the solar panels and electronics. Nexus Alpha LPS can provide different solar panel arrays, including bespoke panel sizes which we have had commissioned to allow for reduced wind loading.


The very first Nexus Alpha LPS CHRONOS solar powered systems were installed on the Far North Line in Scotland for ScotRail/HITRANS as part of a Technology Strategy Board (now innovate UK) initiative in 2010.

Bespoke designs can be developed with clients to meet local planning needs. We have previously fitted square, larger rectangular and triangular panels according to system, site and aesthetic requirements. For more information, you can click here to contact us.

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