The Nexus Alpha LPS Approach

In 2005 Nexus Alpha’s Engineering Department began the design and implementation of new low power display systems for the public transport sector.  We aimed to produce fully functional solar powered sign technologies which, despite needing to be able to run on a very limited power budget, nevertheless had to meet or exceed the performance of conventional sign types.  We also designed and built class leading LCD displays using our unique technologies to minimise power and improve functionality.

Nexus Alpha LPS (Nexus Alpha Low Power Systems) was launched to focus on delivering these technologies to our clients and to continue development in this field.

What makes us unique is that our low power signs require so little energy that they can be powered using moderate sized solar panels.  This means that our systems can be installed in remote locations, or in locations where providing mains power is either disruptive or expensive.  But we have not sacrificed function: the signs can still be programmed to undertake the processing and local management tasks you’d expect – and more.

But naturally you don’t have to use solar power, these technologies can be of benefit even where mains/grid power is available!  Low power technologies are inherently more robust, save power and reduce carbon emissions, which results in reduced running costs.

Solar power and low power are benefits, not a compromise.

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