The Nexus Alpha LPS Product Set

Nexus Alpha LPS has developed a range of products which work seamlessly together to offer our clients modular, flexible systems. The product range shares key functions all supported by the core server software. This provides extensive and unique management and integration, real time support and active monitoring.


How it fits together

HELIOS LCD and LED Displays: Nexus Alpha LPS builds a range of LCD and LED displays, with current LCD models from 32" to 65" and including stretch options.  We source LED panels from suppliers to integrate with our hardware, hence procuring the best result for the client needs whilst retaining coherence with our systems.

CHRONOS Low Power displays: Nexus Alpha LPS is able to offer our class leading range of peerless low power signage.  Also connected via network or mobile comms to the NSG, and sharing the NSG's functions and benefits, our low power technologies (including LTN-LCD and Flip Dot) use a fraction of the power of conventional LED and LCD alternatives.  This can save very significant costs over their lifespan as well as considerably reducing their carbon footprint.

Solar Power: Nexus Alpha LPS has worked hard to develop the hardware necessary to run on solar power, even in the north of Scotland.  In-house design low power computers and power management systems make this possible. Such hardware needs no cabling of any sort to be installed, potentially reducing installation costs considerably as well as eliminating power charges, and carbon emissions.

DDA Compliance: Not only do we offer the unique Ariadne interactive tactile map, designed specifically to assist with navigation for the visually impaired, all our systems are designed to DDA requirements: every system includes audio support as standard, featuring natural voice or Text to Speech.

NSG Server: At the heart of the display system is the NSG server to which all signs connect via VPN.  The NSG, which can be hosted by Nexus Alpha LPS or installed elsewhere, it provides the signs with their data and supports remote management, content management, monitoring and support. The NSG is also responsible for accessing data from whichever sources are required and formatting the data for the specific sign types which requires it.  By connecting our displays via the services in the NSG, management is seamless.

Content Management:  Hosted by the NSG, Content Management functions are provided by our Display Administration Suite (DAS).  This sophisticated scheduling tool can be accessed via a web front end, either via VPN or through an https portal.

Monitoring: Connecting to the signs through the NSG, our monitoring enables users to see how their signs are performing, including live remote views of all sign types. This technology is also able to support monitoring for clients - for example returning road surface temperatures or traffic speeds, and passing relevant data to third party systems.

Support: Once again the NSG, along with software services on each of the signs, enables Nexus Alpha LPS to monitor systems at a deep level, providing data logging, analysis and alert generation.  Nexus Alpha LPS is also able to update signs over the network including software, configuration and content.

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