Ultra Low Power to High Bright LCD

Nexus Alpha LPS has a unique focus: to deliver class leading displays using the minimum power achievable. Whether it's large high bright LCDs and LEDs or a solar powered display, we not only pack our hardware with technology, we strive to ensure our products use the least power possible, including displays able to run on solar power, whilst delivering the most benefit to our clients.  Why?  Low power isn't just an environmental necessity; reducing power results in higher reliability, increased system life and reduced power costs. Too good to be true? Not at all! Have a look at our innovative range and decide for yourself.


Nexus Alpha LPS has developed a range of displays from large, high bright LCDs and systems for on-bus installations, to technologies that can be deployed where mains and grid connections are not viable.  All of our systems not only save power, savings costs and carbon dioxide emissions, they also deliver class leading performance wrapped up in stylish and robust enclosures.  We've even designed our own low power computer (HERMES Lite) for use in our solar signs.  Embedded in all our systems is integrated support for DDA/ADA compliance: display layouts, colours and full audio support, including radio triggers, combine to ensure that delivering compliance and accessibility for all isn't a problem.


Hardware is of little use without software! And once again, Nexus Alpha LPS has taken a fresh approach: our UNIX/Linux based software makes our systems powerful, versatile and reliable, and crucially, able to run on lower power computers. An extensive and growing range of data interfaces, the ability to manage on-screen data creatively allied to extensive monitoring and management features combine to provide our clients with the confidence of knowing their investment is working effectively. Multiple data sources, content management, messaging and live remote views ensure clients can deliver the services and information they want, and know that it is being delivered.